Mission Statement:


Thank you for your interest in Gaycation Magazine as a part of your marketing plan.  In 2014 we launched Gaycation offering a new and fresh take on experiential gay travel worldwide.  In a vast ocean of stale content and tired formats, we offer our readers a unique and immersive travel experience by meeting and serving the editorial needs of the sophisticated gay traveler whether they are in their 20’s, 30’s or beyond.

No matter the demographic, Gaycation can and will serve that market better than anyone else.  Shown below is a summary of how we intend to out-perform our competitors.

GaycationersMonthly Readers:

  • Gaycation Magazine Print Magazine:  25,000 (Includes a pass around rate of 2.5)
  • Annual subscription price (10 issues) of $9.99

Monthly Readers:

  • Gaycation Magazine Digital downloads: 50,000+
  • FREE hot-linked ads to each advertiser’s website in the current issue
  • Complete print issue for all devices and platforms


  • 25,000 page views per month and growing

Web TV:

  • Drives people interested in Gay travel to our website

2015 Publisher’s Statement:  Gaycation Magazine is the source for real and insightful gay travel content for those seeking more than the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed and the mass-experienced.  Our purpose has always been to create a vibrant and interactive magazine about gay travel that is partially written by the people who are living the life of travel, building a loyal readership through personal connections.  This connection is further reflected in the pages of the magazine and across multiple travel related venues.

As an advertiser with Gaycation Magazine we understand that you need to target an audience that is a fast path to purchase and who is immersed in the lifestyle of travel and travel-related products and services.  Right now, in today’s tough economy we realize that it is a constant challenge to determine where to place your advertising dollars with the most effective return.  The strength of any magazine is measured in the gains of ad pages, readership and the momentum or the “buzz” that the magazine creates.  We believe Gaycation Magazine is currently both the buzz and momentum within the gay traveling community and offers a unique opportunity to reach a very sought after niche in the travel market, especially the coveted 35+ demographic.


  • Audience: 1,000,000
  • Total Circulation:   100,000  *Includes webviews, downloads and print
  • Ad/Edit: 40%/60%
  • Frequency: 10 X per year


  • Median HHI: $120,000+
  • Median Age:       38
  • College Educated:       85%
  • Employed:       75%


High discretionary and disposable incomes.
Spend money on domestic and foreign travel/gaycations and cruises.
90% own a passport.
Take 25 trips per year.
Stay in hotels 28+ days per year.

Gaycation is a must read travel and lifestyle magazine for LGBTQ worldwide. The magazine is well positioned to sponsor LGBTQ events across the US promoting gay travel and driving home the point that Gaycation Magazine is a powerful tool to reach the LGBTQ market.

Publisher Statement, Gaycation Subscriber Study 2014

Take a closer look at our Media Kit because we are confident that once you do, you will discover the Gaycation Magazine difference!

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