Gay Cruise LuggageFrom Issue 13 Southwest Edition

Cruising Corner: What do I Bring? by Gregory L Kiep

You booked your gay cruise and now just have to solve the question of, “What do I bring with me?” First off, calm down and have a cocktail. You will get through this and you will look fabulous. After numerous gaycations, I am a bit of an expert and will hold your hand. Here are 7 tips when packing for your fabulous gay cruise:


You do NOT need those salmon colored sneakers to match one outfit – it will be ok. Try to coordinate around color schemes with complimenting outfits so that your accessories, shoes, belts, etc. can match a bunch of things. You are gonna shop, girl. Don’t get so close to that 50 pound limit that you can’t buy some new outfits along the way…

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