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Capri Townby Amandine Dowle

Located in western-Italy, Capri is a small island of the Mediterranean coast of Naples. The island has a long history. During the Roman Empire, Capri was the favourite place of the emperors whose villas are today one of the main attractions of the island. Capri is also known for its magnificent caves dug into the rocks. It is also an amazing place for kayaking and trekking.

Hidden bays, turquoise waters and charming squares, a visit to the Mediterranean island of Capri and Ana Capri is a great way to relax and enjoy the Italian lifestyle and beauty. Capri is known as the “Blue Island” because of its jagged limestone cliffs taking an azure tint during the day. Admire the famous “Grotta Azzura” of Capri, a natural sea cave where the light gives an amazing reflection of light blue colours into the crystal clear waters. You can easily reach the cave thanks to cruises that are available from the port of Capri, called Marina Grande.

Capri boatsThe island has two towns, Capri, which is located above the port, and Ana Capri, which is the highest mountain of Capri. Of these two, Capri is the main town of the island, and a better choice for beach lovers and water sports. However Ana Capri offers the most spectacular views and a quieter atmosphere. It is also home of the beautiful Villa San Michele. Nearby, you can get a lift with the funicular to the summit of the Mount Solara, which is the highest peak of the island and enjoy a breath-taking view of the surroundings. Rising 589 m (1930 feet) above sea level the mountain offers spectacular views of the island, and also some interesting trails for hiking.

Capri climate is warm and sunny in summer and cold in winter. In the summer the average temperatures from June to September range between 27 and 31°C, in winter the variation is between 10-15°C. Finally the best period to visit Capri is in early spring as it is less crowed and less expensive than during the summer time.

Amandine Dowle

Amandine Dowle is a French fashion and lifestyle photographer.  She has lived in New York, Ottawa, Greece and now resides in Milan.  In addition to photography, Amandine also writes articles about her traveling experiences for publishers.



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