Vermont Farmers Marketby: MK Bateman

Every March, Vermonters crowd into their town halls to make decisions about their communities. Without concern for race, creed, religion, education level or sexual orientation, each person is given the opportunity to stand up and have his or her voice heard. Live and let live, this is the philosophy here and it pervades every level of life. And, with some of the most progressive laws on the books protecting the LGBT community, Vermont is the place to come, be yourself and experience the charm, acceptance and beauty of this magnificent place.

The best way to describe the Green Mountain State may be this way: cosmopolitan rural. While the phrase seems like a contradiction, it’s actually a perfect description. Vermont has one of the highest percentages of college degree earners, yet with only around 626,000 residents, it has one of the lowest population densities in the nation. As stewards of their land, few places have better caretakers than Vermonters – they don’t even allow billboards on their highways. What you’ll find then, is a land basically untouched by the development boom of the last 30 years: pristine, bucolic, charming, and with a unique sophistication all its own. No matter what time of year you visit, Vermont’s natural beauty will not disappoint.

The LBGT community is deeply engrained in the culture of Vermont, yet the state is different from other popular gay tourist destinations in its reserved nature. To its core, this is hard working, buckle-down, and pragmatic New England. You would do yourself a disservice, however if you confuse reserved with conservative. After all this is the left coast of New England in every sense of the word. While people may be caught off guard by public displays of affection, it’s not a gay thing – they’d have a similar response to any couple.

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