Texas LonghornFrom Issue 13 Southwest Edition

Heart of the West by David Perry

Say what you will, but line dancing is a very adaptable art form. The sequin-spangled saddle in place of a disco ball took a little getting used to, but the crowd at Billy Bob’s Texas did not miss a beat when the Kenny Chesney ended and the Kylie Minoque picked up. Things just a little more hip-grindy.

The world’s largest honky-tonk — a country music dance hall — Billy Bob’s is one of the undisputed must-dos along the rhinestone-studded roads of Ft. Worth. Outsiders may think of Ft. Worth as nostalgia-obsessed also-ran to Dallas. And they’d be right.

Except for the “also-ran” part.

While Brokeback Mountain romanticism abounds in places like the Cowgirl Hall of Fame and the Ft. Worth Stockyards, this is not a city stuck in its past, however colorful. The city nicknamed “Where the West Begins” may be spun from the…

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