Gaycation Magazine Issue 14 March CoverHere’s what you can find in Issue 14 of Gaycation Magazine, the Spring issue:

There’s This Place: St Pete

by Aaron Drake

With gay marriage finally coming to the Sunshine state, it’s high time LGBT travelers take a closer look at what the state has to offer outside of the familiar LGBT hubs like Fort Lauderdale and Key West. On Florida’s west coast, St. Petersburg is a warm, inviting city that adds a rich history to the usual white sandy beaches and crystal waters.

Growing up in white-wintered Ohio, Florida always had the appeal of warm weather and busy beaches. No secret that it’s the vacation spot for folks from the Midwest and Northeast. However, I was happy to find St. Pete as a little diamond in the usual tourist trap. It is a place that gays and lesbians have fully immersed themselves in order to make a beach paradise that is in turn very welcoming of everyone. When I first arrived in St. Pete and drove through downtown, I knew this was going to be quite a different experience than other places I visited in the state. Downtown St. Petersburg is lined with buildings from the 1920s, giving the city an older vibe. The detailed architecture and brick paved streets add character and a respect for the town’s history and obvious European influences…<Read more>

7 Pieces of Jaw Dropping Street Art in Hongdae, South Korea

by Meg Ten Eyck

Despite Korea’s social conservatism, nightlife and art are just as much a part of Korean culture as Kimchi and Hoboks. In my year, teaching ESL in South Korea I’ve grown fond of the Hognik University section of Seoul. Commonly called Hongdae, this youthful artist hub is the place to be for flowing Cass, street dance parties and excellent street art.

The first time I went to Hongdae, I watched a man dressed in a cat costume vomit Soju dangerously close to my shoes. I looked up in disgust and immediately wanted to turn around and get back on the train, but I’m glad I stayed. If I had gotten back on the train, I would have missed out on of the most unique parts of Seoul.

Korea is still an extremely conservative society; things that are normally considered taboo in Korea are openly displayed in Hongdae. You see tattoo parlors, bare shoulders and queer couples holding hands; things that are mundane in the western…<Read more>

Spending time Out in the Vineyard

We took a moment to catch up with Out in the Vineyard Founders Gary Saperstein and Mark Vogler to discuss wine, food, and their popular wine events. Here’s what they had to say about Wine Country and the LGBT Community.

GM: What made you start Out In The Vineyard?
OITV: We both love the wine country lifestyle – friends sharing great wine, food & outdoor living. We wanted to find a way to share this with the LGBT community, and let them know that gays don’t have to live in the gay ghettos of the world anymore. In addition, we both were getting a lot of inquiries from gay friends across the country asking for our recommendations of wine brands that support the LGBT community, what wineries, restaurants & hotels they could feel comfortable visiting with their husband, wives, partners and dates. We found it curious that no one was marketing to the gay community. Rural Sonoma is incredibly gay friendly, not to mention is a luxury travel destination, and we can be out in these beautiful places in the valley. We can be OUT in the vineyard. After a couple of years of emails and phone calls, we decided it was time to help the gay community discover wine country.

GM: Why isn’t the Wine Industry marketing to the LGBTQ community?
OITV: This is the $64,000 dollar question, which we still find incredibly curious. The Beer and Spirits industries figured out the value of the LGBT community 20 years ago, but wine STILL hasn’t committed with any real effort to reach out to the community…<Read more>

Hyatt Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch

By Aaron Drake

Looking for the perfect relaxation destination? Escape your humdrum daily schedule and prepare for a luxurious desert getaway at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch. It’s more the speed of what one looks for when booking a trip to unwind and enjoy the precious minutes. As soon as you pullin the drive of the resort, you’ll feel right at home in Scottsdale, surrounded by the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert and majestic McDowell Mountains. The LGBT-friendly Hyatt doesn’t disappoint at its Scottsdale location—in fact, it’s one of its finest.

Palm trees hover over the hotel and a giant tiered fountain welcomes guests to the resort. Shops line the drive, including the Solstice Shop, selling Southwest-inspired men and women’s clothing; Canyon Market, a hiking lifestyle store that sells all the gear you’ll need, provides Starbuck’s coffee, squeeze juice and smoothie bar, homemade ice cream, and yummy salads and sandwiches. You’ll also pass the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale’s award-winning Avania Spa…<Read more>

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