Gaycation Magazine Issue 17 June 2015 CoverIt’s Pride Month! It’s time to celebrate and enjoy the festivities! Take a look inside Issue 17 of Gaycation Magazine, the Pride issue:

Hoosier Pride

by Mark A Lee

After the Indiana Religious Freedom Restoration Act fiasco, many people from around the world were left scratching their heads, wondering why anyone in the LGBT community would want to visit Indiana—let alone live there. Unfortunately for the few businesses who do want to discriminate based on the grounds of “religious freedom,” Indiana does have a large LGBT community and a very long list of LGBT-friendly spots and must-dos to experience throughout the state.

And let’s not forget about Indy Pride—check outGaycation’s roundup of the best little Pride celebrations around the country to get an inside look at this year’s parade and festival!..<Read more>


Little City, Big Pride. 10 Small City Pride Events Around the Country

by Aaron Drake

During Pride season, there’s no shortage of festivals to be found in any of the 50 states—that alone is reason to celebrate. But for LGBT travelers who like to Pride hop this time of year, we know it’s all about choosing the right combination of an exciting Pride celebration and a visit-worthy destination.

We looked past the city-stopping festivals in New York and San Francisco to scour the rest of the U.S. for the 10 best big little Pride celebrations. See what cities surprise you, who took to the streets and get tips from the locals about what to check out while you’re there. Have a happy Pride season, Gaycationers!…<Read more>

Where to Stay During Gay Pride

by Auston Matta

Traveling to a gay Pride event can be a great way to get to know a city and also experience the local LGBT scene in a place you’ve never been. Gay Pride festivals vary greatly around the world and each has its own, unique flare. From the massive and party-heavy prides like São Paulo and Madrid, to the more intimate and culturally-focused of Reykjavik, Iceland’s capital city, traveling for a Pride event can be an exciting adventure. But before you book your plane ticket you should consider where to book a room. The days where hotels were the only accommodation option are long gone. Now you have numerous choices like apartment rentals or even sleeping on a stranger’s couch. Use these practical tips to help you decide which accommodation option is right for you during your next gay Pride trip.

The obvious choice when traveling is to book a hotel, but with the limitless options, how do you choose? Do you prioritize location, reviews or whether the property is gay-friendly? Depending on your destination, you might even find a gay-specific or “straight-friendly” hotel like the Axel Hotel chain in Europe. Knowing a hotel brand in advance is also an advantage as you already have an expectation of the service level and quality. If you choose a gay-specific property, you’ll need to book early as these places are in high demand during gay Pride. Even large hotel chains like Marriott and Hilton are starting to offer a more gay-friendly experience as they have recently made big strides to train their staff in issues of diversity…<Read more>

Extreme Weddings

by Aaron Drake

For many couples their wedding day is already the beginning of a new adventure. For gays and lesbians who have a passion for travel (and a knack for creativity), it’s no surprise they would push the envelope even further with the how, when and where of getting hitched. Jeff Robertson and Jeremiah Pyant are the perfect example of one such couple. They celebrated their love and right to marry with an adventure wedding thousands of feet above the ground last year.

The couple married April 29, 2014. They were the winners of an ACLU contest called “My Big Gay Illegal Wedding,” which was intended to shine a light on the fact that depending on what state a same-sex couple was living in, they might not be able to get legally married. They could cross state lines and wed in a state where it is legal, but they would still return to their home state with little or no protections…<Read more>

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