Issue 18 August 2015 Cover

This month we’re taking you Off the Beaten Path to destinations exotic and unknown. Here’s a sneak peak into August’s Issue 18:

Uncovering India: Nomadic Boys Stefan and Sebastien rub up against the Eastern country’s very different way of life

by Stefan Arestis,

Last year, my boyfriend Sebastien and I quit our London jobs to eat our way through Asia. One of the places we were really geared up for was India, a country full of extremes from the slums to the Taj Mahal, loads of colour (those saris!), tasty yummy curries and some very pretty boys—holding hands—everywhere.

Yup, you read that right.

But before you get excited, it’s more of a Hindu cultural norm than a gay thing. Best buddies commonly walk the streets arm in arm regardless of sexuality and no one bats an eyelid. In fact, Indian men generally are very docile with each other, especially when compared with relations between men in Europe and North America (aka, the West)…<Read more>

Backstage Bali, Dig a little deeper around the backroads of Bali and you’ll find unique places to stay, play and eat in the hidden corners of the island.

by Dee Farrell

Bali—and the 999 other islands of Indonesia—is one of the best places to visit while the U.S. dollar is strong. This is a great time for Americans to travel internationally if affordability has been holding you back from travelling to the Island of the Gods. Your Yankee bucks have greater buying power—up more than 50 percent and rising fast—particularly in Bali where tourism revenues are highly prized by the government and travel operators.

In early March 2015, ‘The ExPat Express’ went around the Island of the Gods in four days—mostly on backroads where seldom is seen a car with Westerners driving like locals. From coffee cafés to interactions with locals (in pigeon English, sign language and a few words in Bahasa), from scenic overlook video shooting to backdoor workshop tours, we encountered only a handful of self-driving travelers (mainly surfers and divers) and thankfully no tourist buses on our four-day adventure…<Read more>

The Old and New Haunts of Gay L.A.

by Kelsy Chauvin

The City of Angels has a long history as the City of Gays too. From the “pansy” and “nance” craze of the 1940s, to the little-known 1959 gay revolt at Cooper’s Donuts, Los Angeles was a hotbed of full-on LGBTQ pride years before New York’s Stonewall riots. And the curious part is that much of the past century’s gay notoriety happened in neighborhoods like Silver Lake and Downtown L.A.—not West Hollywood, a.k.a. the Southern California capital of queer.

But what’s come of La La Land’s rainbow-colored past? And where are gays, lesbians and trans folks spending their time outside of WeHo nowadays?

Yesteryear’s Pride

A good place to start answering those and more questions is with Out & About Tours ( Run by the enthusiastic and amazingly knowledgeable Jim Anzide, Out & About delivers gay L.A. in a nutshell…<Read more>

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