Gaycation Magazine Issue 9 September CoverHere’s what you can find in Issue 9 of Gaycation Magazine the Travel Style and Accoutrements issue:

New York City for the 21st Century

by Roque Caston

     New York City continues to be one of the top tourist attractions in the country. Most people can’t give it a simple explanation as to why that is. There is this spark that is hard to put into words about the spirit of New York City. But just as centuries change, so is the way we travel.

     If you are going to travel to New York, you must know the everyday style and accoutrements that should accompany you during your visit. These are not just popular fads, but it’s a recommendation in order for the everyday citizen to survive the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. New York City didn’t receive the reference “fast life” for nothing…<Read more>

 Visiting Paris, The City of Lights

by Donovan Hall

     So you’ve probably made a promise to yourself at one point or another to visit Paris, right? You’ve been dreaming about strolling down the Champs-Élysées, basking in the majestic shadow of the Eiffel Tower, maybe even taking a boat ride down the Seine. As the world capital of romance and art, Paris is high on any traveler’s list. But in order to fully experience all the city has to offer, you must prepare wisely. A trip, even in a place as fabulous as Paris, can be tarnished by poor planning. Here is some helpful fashion and accoutrement advice to consider before you buy that plane ticket.

     First of all, the season during which you visit will naturally affect what you should wear, and I suggest a trip to Paris should be made in late spring or summer. This is the time when you can see the city in full bloom. Every garden, courtyard, and balcony will be blossoming with vivid displays of colorful flowers, adding the sublime atmosphere of the city. The weather will be warm, but not too overbearing, and considering the amount of time you’ll be outside, you’ll probably be a lot happier not freezing your toes off…<Read more>

Mercado del Puerto – Let’s eat the whole cow!

by James Clark

     We were completely unfazed by those who laughed at us and suggested we were crazy for travelling all the way from the UK to Montevideo, Uruguay to try the best barbecue meats in the world. My mouth was watering as we walked up the steps of the plane at Heathrow airport that would take us to Buenos Aires via Madrid, where we’d pick up the Buquebus to Montevideo. We looked at each other and smiled each knowing “there’s no going back now.”

     Montevideo may not be splashed all over the glossy high street travel brochures of South America, like its stunning by-the-sea neighbour Punta del Esta, but Montevideo has nothing to feel ashamed of. Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay’s political and commercial heart. A few skyscrapers may blaze into the sun filled sky, but for the visitor there are a collection of small museums and a busy old city and port area to enjoy. With only a few tourists roaming the streets, Montevideo’s 1.3 million residents are keen to show off their city to visitors, but not promote it too much in case it gets overrun…<Read more>

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