Cairns Australia Sister City Scottsdale ArizonaThe City of Cairns has been an official sister city of Scottsdale, Arizona since 1987 and in an effort to foster a stronger relationship between the two cities gay communities, the crew from Cairns gay lifestyle magazine – FNQ Magazine – have just completed a visit to the town and photographed a feature and cover for the magazine.

“While our two cities sit on opposite sides of the globe, Cairns a lush tropical city surrounded by the Great Barrier Reef and world heritage rainforest, and Scottsdale a ‘desert’ town…. our two cities have more in common than is first apparent.” says Editor Jay Horne.

“Cairns and Scottsdale are resort areas driven by tourism, both have the ‘most liveable city’ monikers, both have vibrant gay communities”

Jay says “It was a great opportunity for our two communities to connect, I had the chance to speak to LGBT Community Leaders and hear everything about Scottsdale that makes it a favourite gay holiday destination for US travellers and at the same time share with them our little slice of tropical paradise.”

Joe Rossi, a Scottsdale local was chosen to feature in the next edition of the magazine, says he was excited to be a part of it.

“I’ve always wanted to visit Australia – And I will definitely be coming to Cairns now and sampling your paradise – it will be so nice to see palm trees instead a cacti!”

But the visit, and subsequent magazine feature is about educating the Cairns community as well, Jay says. “The majority of our readers probably wouldn’t even know that Cairns has sister city relationships across the world. I’m a strong believer in the sister city program and the cultural and economic benefits that can come about from closer ties with these cities and their communities.

And these thoughts are echoed by Chair of Cairns Sister Cities Advisory Committee Sim Hayward “The desire to achieve a greater level of international understanding, goodwill and social interaction between people of the sister cities, can only be achieved with community involvement. A truly successful agreement between sister cities and a mature one, is when all government, business and community groups of each city participates in ‘people to people’ exchanges.

“After our week long visit, and the new monthly distribution of FNQ Magazine in Scottsdale, you can expect more Scottsdale natives to be visiting our part of the world.” Jays says.

FNQ Magazines visit to Scottsdale was part of a 15 city visit across the USA to promote the magazine and secure distribution points. The magazine will now be available every month in gay and lesbian hotspots across the USA including San Francisco, San Diego, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Miami, Key West and Honolulu. The ‘Scottsdale’ edition of FNQ Magazine will hit the streets next week.

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