Issue 11 Nov/Dec (Print)

$ 5.99

The Holiday Travel Issue (The Print Edition)

90 pages of fabulous content and spectacular photos!


Inside Issue 11 Nov/Dec Holiday Travel:


The Snowy Magic of Reykjavik by Birna Hronn Bjornsdottir

Leavenworth, A Storybook Holiday by Rhona Baron

Vienna, The City of Music and Dreams by Donovan Hall

Of course you can also find the usual:

The Wire, travel news you can use.
There’s This Place, a spotlight on a specific location or establishment that is a great find. This issue, The End of the World by Sebastian Strozza.
Book It!, stories of travelers and how they caught the travel bug. This issue A Place to Stay in London by James Clark.
The fabulous Gaycationers, photos of incredible people that have become part of our growing family!
What Was I Thinking? Travel stories about “I can’t believe it” moments that happened while on gaycation. This issue, A Layover in the Blue Lagoon by Emily Stewart.
Cruising Corner. All things related to cruising (Cruise Ships!).  This issue, An Interview with Cruise Planners by DJ Doran.

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