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In the past 15 years we have traveled to almost every State but Alaska and North Dakota. We loved seeing the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, the Golden State Bridge, the mountains in Colorado, the ocean beaches and tall buildings and everything else, but it is the people that we have met in our travels that is what we cherish the most. We have met literally hundreds of people.

Most we knew we would meet and never be in contact again while others we knew that we would see when we returned to their area or perhaps when they were traveling where we were. Then there are those that we really bonded with as friends and have stayed in touch with either weekly or monthly via email or facebook or other social media. We would see them at least once a year if not more than that. Their lives were very meaningful in our lives and we cherish their friendship. When you do meet someone that you really bond with, whether Gay or Straight, keep the friendship going and going and going.

Sadly we have had some very dear friends who have died in the last 6 months. It is very distressing but we just thank goodness for their friendship while they were living. Some died of natural causes and a couple died of suicide. Those who committed suicide were physically healthy but for some reason mentally ill and most all of their friends were not all aware of their problems. They seemed always to be smiling and fun and funny and happy with their lives. We hear about entertainers that are like that but they are not our friends and we really didn’t understand. However when it happens to a dear friend, then it really hits home.

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