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A Night on the Water in Secluded Bay of Islands


Paddlers drop from deck into water and head to a cove and beach.

The Northland region of New Zealand is famous for its sandy beaches, historic townships and the beautiful Bay of Islands – always a favourite with travellers.

The Bay of Islands is a 3-hour drive by car or slightly longer on a coach sightseeing tour that departs Auckland at breakfast and arrives before lunch.

There are many romantic cruise, kayaking and fishing opportunities in this picturesque place, none better for an inclusive taste than the Bay of Islands Overnight Cruise. Aboard the custom-built, three-storey luxury catamaran called Ipipiri, you experience one unique night in sheltered waters surrounded by nature immersed in history. The Bay of Islands (with 144 isles) is home to dolphins, whales, seals and many song birds. Swimming with dolphins and game fishing being major activities, along with eating the catch of the day paired with a local wine. (The first vines in New Zealand were planted here, about the same time as the start of European settlement and when the capital was established in Russell. The cruise sails past the Waitangi Treaty Grounds where the Waitangi Treaty was signed between the Maori tribes and the European settlers.

The cruise offers a relaxed atmosphere, so if relaxation is your style, you can soak up the views from the sundeck – and watch the rest of the passengers paddle to shore in red kayaks or go ashore by tender for island hiking or cove swimming.

About Ipipiri
In 1824, as part of an expedition to the Pacific, the cartographer documented the Maori name to describe a cluster of islands within the region named Bay of Islands. The name Ipipiri is defined as meaning many places, which is appropriate for the purpose-built in Hobart catamaran. The Ipipiri sails to many places on its overnight cruises, anchoring at various places depending on the weather and the captain’s mood.

Green Tourism
The Fullers Great Sights company is green, right down to the enviro friendly products used aboard plus recycling and water conservation. The team has been involved in setting up planting of native trees along the bay, engaging passengers to help with the replanting project.  Also, they support Project Island Song, which is designed to bring birds back to the island by treading lightly in nesting areas along the shore.


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