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Bali by the sea…the tropical lifestyle

by Gaycation Magazine

Chasing Rainbows in Paradise

The Rainbow Rambler is on the road again in search of new aces up its sleeve. A gay ole holiday in Bali makes for a very memorable vacation, but with so much to see and do, it’s hard to know just where to begin the search for Quality Time Out…

In Seminyak, the capital of glitz, you can visit the famous “gay street” if you’re after all-night clubbing. In walking distance from the Rainbow Tourism hand-selected accommodations, are many fine restaurants like LaLuciola and Biku, and flashy sundowner spots like the Potatohead Beach Club and Ku de Ta.

Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub, is lively and bustling with lots of great bars, restaurants and museums interspersed with village markets and crafts stores and temples where you can catch nighlty performances of music and dance at the central palace.

To the east and north over the mountain, Bali’s other coastal resorts and evolving tourism are in Amed and Lovina respectively. Near Amed, the ancient “water temple” is like a Monet painting come alive in your videocam. In the salt-producing village of Amed are some of the best beaches in the world for reef snorkeling and shallow water shipwreck diving. Lovina, a healing centre and gourmet getaway, allows swimming with dolphins.

Then there’s the West Bali National Park and a lot of empty “outback.” Again, the village culture and reputation as a world-class marine reserve are known to intrepid travellers, but the place does not yet attract many tourists who decline to drive the 4 hours from the airport to reach this pristine outpost. Their loss, and it continues to amaze divers and snorkellers.

Last but not least, you can leave the Bali mainland and be on secret beaches on picturesque islands in 30 to 60 min. Just 30 min by speed boat from the gateway town of Sanur are the 3 sisters. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Cennigan and Nusa Penida. Dream escapes for those who prefer to leave the crowds and concrete of Bali’s south coast.

Just 45 min by ferry from Pandang Bay you can be in the Gillis – 3 islands on the edge of the big island of Lombok. Tourism is evolving here, too, and those in the know say get to Lombok before it’s totally discovered and developed and its pristine coves and secret surfing spots disappear. Hurry.

Survival Guide

At any of these destinations, you’ll find gay owned and gay welcoming accommodation, and plenty of activities and adventures to experience at your own pace. You can stay on the mainland in accommodation with all the amenities, or forget ATMs, air conditioning, texting, emailing, TV, cars and nightlife in an authentic village homestay. Either choice, just chillax the tropical rhythm way. Bali bliss means letting goof everyday worries and unwinding.

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