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Bali is My Life

by Gaycation Magazine

Bali Rainbow Tourism

Bali Hotels Association has adopted “Bali is My Life” as its official slogan to promote its home, an island rich in culture and religion.

Visitors love exploring this small place with big geography, history and artistic treasures.  For tourists, there’s a wide range of water sports, theme parks and attractions.  For the spoiled, there are world-class spas and fine restaurants.  For cultural travelers there are ceremonies and temples galore, including daily Balinese dancing performances.

You can immerse yourself in a vibrant club scene or go surfboarding off reefs.  It may be impossible not to enjoy every moment.

Seminyak and Ubud have many gay and lesbian fans, but the lesser known (and less touristy) Sanur should not be overlooked in your holiday planning.

Historic Sanur Beach is an area known for its watersports – surfing naturally off its three reefs.  Unlike other surf beaches, it’s alive with restaurants and bars linked by a beachside walkway. Some of the best Lattes on the island are at Aussie-owned Glass House Cafe, and if you’re shopping for leather or fine silver jewellery, Sanur’s the place.    You can take a free shuttle bus from end to end along the boutiques, hire a scooter for dirt cheap and go further, or go “uptown” and rent a unique car like a Porsche Boxster or 4WD JEEP, if you like.

Sanur Beach is in good company amongst the best 8 surfing spots.  Sanur, Tandjungs and Hyatt are the three main reefs producing 5 ft. waves and swells.  (As the name implies, Hyatt Reef is out the front of the gay-friendly Bali Hyatt Resort.)

After a good day on the beach and boardwalk and in the boutiques, it’s time to return to your villa resort or hotel. The gay-owned and gay-welcoming hotels in the association and those with Rainbow Tourism Accreditation, will direct you to nearby museums, sport and leisure attractions and help you fill your days and nights with just about anything imaginable.

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