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Brave in Bali: Attacking the Agung by Kayak

by Gaycation Magazine
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If you’re tired of tame rafting in a boat with six others vying for a toe hold and piece of the side rope, then negotiating a whitewater river in an inflatable kayak with an experienced guide steering from the rear might feed your adrenaline addiction just fine.

When in Bali go to the to the source of the Agung River high in the central mountains and paddle towards the sea – but exit in Ubud for a hot shower and cold beer before unwinding in an air-conditioned transport back to your base accommodation.

The Kayak Attack tour is not a city adventure for the faint of heart. But it is a safe-yet -thrilling run down a frothy river with 33 rapids keeping your boat and head spinning.

Two of us – both former rafting guides – lucked out with a sunny day in which to tackle the Class 2, 3 and 4 rapids. Because it was the tail end of the wet season, the river and rapids were fast and fun, and we completed the run in under two hours.

We did take breaks to splash the rafters and competitor boats around the spectacular waterfall. Later we stopped to take photos of stone carvings along the shore. Looking up, we saw monkeys and lizards, and some stunning rice terraces high above the gorge.

More experienced, Scotty took the kayak downstream alone, while Dee was happy to ride shotgun with Ketu at the helm. He expertly negotiated every boulder and suck hole, and she took all the water in her face and front of the boat. Bail! Stroke forward! Stroke backwards! Bail!

Scotty loved taking the chutes more than once, He’d go over, paddle back, and do it all over again. His head-mounted action camera kept steaming up, so he only has my testimonial about the truth of this.

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Near the end and close to civilization again, I marvelled at the hotels sitting atop the gorge and saw guests watching from their terraces. (BTW, I vowed to go back and find those grandview hotels and photograph the river from there. When I did, I was tickled pink to meet the gay sales manager of Taman Bebek, an IGLTA member!)

I highly recommend this day trip for those wanting an adventure first, massage second, and memory for ever! – Rainbow Tourism Concierge Dee Farrell. Ask me about Gay Bali, the Adventure Island.

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