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Byron Bay Massage

by Gaycation Magazine


Touch Of Love

This model of tantric massage offers an expansion of your sexual and erotic repertoire offering you an opportunity to explore the temple that is your heart, body, mind, soul and sexuality. With ritual, breath and the art of consecration we bring the sacred back to sexuality.

Drawing from tantric practises we also explore consensual mutual touch. This style of massage offers a sensual and erotic experience of receiving while learning the art of touch as an sacred practise of giving to another exactly what they want or need.

Touch of Love

60 min $140
90 min $180
2hrs $220

Transpersonal Bodywork

With respect and reverence to the roots of Polynesian techniques and an ongoing love affair within the field of the transpersonal, transpersonal bodywork is growing into a unique blend and fusion all of its own. With ongoing humble guidance from within entheogenic medicine,

Transpersonal bodywork offers a bodywork treatment and experience that is profound and rich in ceremony and rite of passage.

Grounded in the basic principles of Yin/ Yang and the cycles of destruction, creation, embodiment, preservation and release the application of touch, sound, rhythm, motion, breath, clear intention and focus bring about a heightened awareness and deep connectedness unfurls within both the giver and receiver.

Approached as a whole body meditation and a practise in turning ones gaze inward the receiver is facilitated in exploring the complex layers of the body, mind psyche and the interconnected beliefs, emotions and memories. It is with courage and commitment to using the mind to travel within the many layers of the body system that a profound deepening and unification of all parts of the human experience unfurls.

Our breath is our anchor and our breeze from which we captain from our vessel, our inner landscape and the many layers within is the infinite ocean from which we must learn to navigate with presence, courage and commitment.

Transpersonal Bodywork

60 min $120
90 MIN: $150
2 HOURS: $200 (recommended full therapeutic treatment time)

(This treatment is not offered as a tantric massage)

Thai Shiatsu

A fusion of Thai and shiatsu massage, this treatment is therapeutic in nature and is offered as a clothed treatment.

Delivered on a shiatsu mat on the floor the practice involves gentle stretching, cradling, rocking, rubbing and shiatsu trigger point therapy. The treatment has been likened to receiving a 1.5hr yoga session without you having to do anything except breathe and let go.

Thai Shiatsu Floor Massage is a 90min whole body meditation.

With this technique your body is invited to find its own parasympathetic nervous system release.

Thai Shiatsu Massage offers a deep rest of the entire body/ nervous system.

Thai Floor Massage Contribution

90min- $130


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