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Byron Bay Massage – Transpersonal Bodywork

by Gaycation Magazine

Transpersonal Bodywork is an intuitive treatment inspired by the above mentioned multiple bodywork techniques and disciplines.

The term ‘transpersonal’ literally means ‘beyond (or through) the personal’. Transpersonal refers to the experiences, processes and events that contribute to our perspective and understanding of the self. Where our limiting sense of self is transcended and in which there is a feeling of interconnected relating to a larger, more meaningful reality.

These sessions commence with a discussion about your healing journey and your whole body needs. Transpersonal Bodywork is a dynamic and intuitive muscle and deep tissue and tension release treatment. You will be draped with a sarong and I will be fully clothed. I will use organic Coconut oil with gentle, firm and at times strong flowing whole body stokes. I may use hot stones in these sessions.

Transpersonal Bodywork is a healing, heart centred experience offered in service to the individual commited to their deeper whole body healing needs.

Transpersonal Bodywork

1 HOUR – $120
1.5 HOURS – $150
2 HOURS: $200

(This treatment is not offered as a Touch of Love Service)

Thai Shiatsu Bodywork

A fusion of Thai and Shiatsu massage, this treatment is therapeutic in nature and is offered as a clothed treatment.

Delivered on a shiatsu mat on the floor the practice involves gentle stretching, cradling, rocking, rubbing and shiatsu trigger point therapy. The treatment has been likened to receiving a 1.5hr yoga session without you having to do anything except breath and let go.

Zen Thai Floor Massage is a 90 min whole body meditation.

With this technique your body is invited to find its own parasympathetic nervous system release.

Thai Shiatsu Bodywork offers a deep rest of the entire body/ nervous system.

(This treatment is not offered as a Touch of Love Service)

Thai Shiatsu Floor Massage

90min- $130

Touch Of Love

Humans have been forced into a disposable cultural norm where by human people are now treating other humans as disposable objects. With the rise is hook up apps marketed to assist us in meeting our sexual needs we are complacently marketing ourselves as consumables and disposable objects to be used and abused. The consequences of such complacency have devastating consequences feeding a culture of misguided and emotionally incompetent disembodied predators. 

Treating each other as disposable objects neglects our human instinct and loving capacity to treat one another as sacred embodied sexual beings.

With intent and commitment to explore your energetic sensual and erotic self we facilitate you on a journey of discovering and developing greater sensitivity and awareness of yourself and your body within a Touch of Love context. This style of bodywork is exploratory in nature and involves learning to slow down and show up in fullness to your journey- “not a destination”.

For many of us growing up within a patriarchal capitalist and Catholicism influenced society gender, sex, masculinity and femininity concepts and relating have been distorted while leaving a residue of shame and disconnect between our heart, body, mind, genitals and our sexuality.

Touch of Love is about moving us beyond gender where we explore our humanness within a context of energy/ feeling and vibration. We will explore masculine energy (like the penetrating presence of the sun and the presence of consciousness and focus). We will learn to feel and observe the sense of yang /Shiva energy- while observing and feeling (eyes Closed) our sense of feminine/ yin/ Shakti energy. Our feeling sense of stillness and contracting/ fluidity, rhythm and pulse, we learn to innocently and supportively explore the full spectrum of our sensual and erotic repertoire in a way that we all should have been honoured and supported to to become healthy integrated and embodied sensual and erotic human beings.

Touch Of Love facilitates a love, care and concern for the self and other whereby we learn to GIVE to another in a respectful honouring way.

Lets Be Well acknowledges that the souls purpose in each incarnation is to learn to play and make love from within the corridors of our own internal masculine and feminine embodiment. Melting into a divine androgyny within where we can feel and experience a union with all parts of self, other and all existence.

Developing an embodied playful approach to being served by another to meet your embodied needs takes courage, skill, commitment and a willingness to experience taking care of your right to be Touched With LOVE.

Touch of Love is the art and devotional practice of consecrating the human body and the heralding of the sacred back into human sexuality.

Touch of Love is committed to supporting the healing of sexual self abuse and trauma conceived from a global capitalist patriarchal deposable culture.

One can, if they choose, develop heightened sensitivity expanded repotoire of sensual and erotic receptivity and giving skills while also learning the felt sense of sustained pleasure and non attachment/ addiction to physical climax resulting in longer love making and multiple internal orgasm.

With growing awareness and intent the body becomes our vehicle to awaken and ride the waves of eternal embodied erotic and sensual bliss..

Touch of Love

60 min $140
90 min $180
2hrs $210

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