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My Other Closet, the cabaret

by Gaycation Magazine

Most LGBTI relationships are based on love and respect, some are based on abuse.

One part entertainment, one part Domestic & Family Viloence education campaign, this production is uncompromising in its honesty and courage. It is the true first-hand account of one man’s journey from victim to survivor, told through powerful storytelling as well as piano & crooner re-workings of classic pop songs.

Russ Vickery, who plays himself in the one man production, says “It’s very hard to see past all the violence when you are in the thick of it, but if I could send a message to the former me, I’d tell him that it doesn’t last forever, and there are people who care and can help. One day you will tell your story of pain, joy and life to an audience as a message of hope and a warning for others. You will love again, and it will be amazing”.

‘My Other Closet, the cabaret’ dispels the myths surrounding DFV and especially in a same-sex relationship, and helps create stronger communities. Sometimes light-hearted, sometimes heart-wrenching, this layered performance will leave the audience with a lasting impression and keep them thinking and talking about it for many days.

After a full house preview performance for community organisations and DFV support services at the King Street Theatre and a raved about sneak-peak at a national DFV conference in Sydney, ‘My Other Closet, the cabaret’ will now be performed for the general public for the first time. This will be followed by a dynamic Q&A forum of the production team and LGBTIQ support services as well as community members sharing their experiences.

The production follows Russ as he finds the courage to proclaim “This is not what love looks like!” in a moving process of healing, with the help of his first love, MUSIC! The show is woven with relics from his past, multi-layered dialogue, and a sprinkling of piano and crooner re-workings of classic pop songs such as “Help!” and “I Will Survive” from performers such as The Platters, Silver Convention, Tammy Wynette, Suzzane Vega, Billy Holliday, Queen and Whitney Houston.

With the help of accomplished composer & musician, Daryl Wallis, and script writing from Regrette Etcetera, ‘My Other Closet, the cabaret’ is a true story of domestic violence told from an insider’s perspective.

‘My Other Closet, the cabaret’ is presented by MAROPA Productions and ACON’s Anti-Violence Project with financial support from the City of Sydney & the Aurora Group. It will show at the Seymore Centre, in Chippendale from Tuesday 11 – Friday 14 February for Mardi Gras 2014.

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