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Disneyland Is Expanding With More Food, Attractions, and Lodging

by Timothy Rawles
Zichuan Han -- Pexels

The Disneyland Resort just released its plan for a whole new expansion adjacent (but connected) to the landmark Anaheim amusement park. The Walt Disney Co. announced Thursday that the new offshoot will contain shops, rides, and restaurants.

Although details including cost are not yet available to the public, the timeline to bring this proposal to the Anaheim City Council is 2023. It appears that city officials are okay with the expansion and aren’t expected to oppose it.

The public is not paying for the project and it won’t fall under a theme park category according to Deadline.

Still unclear are the concepts of the new areas although Disney has hinted they will utilize elements of some of their most popular films including Tangled, Peter Pan, and Frozen.

Speculation is that the new area will borrow from other worldwide Disney properties too such as Tokyo DisneySea in Japan and Shanghai Disney. Specifically Zootopia and Tron. The latter is currently under construction at Walt Disney World in Florida.

“I welcome fresh thinking about how the Disneyland Resort evolves and how we best maximize this resource for our city,” said Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu in a statement.

As stated previously, the plans must go through the city council first and require updates to past parkwide restrictions before any groundbreaking can take place. Since Disneyland is a worldwide destination, bringing in over $8 billion every year to Southern California, bureaucratic pushback seems unlikely.

The pandemic forced Disneyland to close on March 14, 2020. It was only expected to remain closed through the end of that month.

But as California’s COVID-19 cases began to rise significantly, stay-at-home orders were implemented and the park extended its hiatus until further notice.

Earlier this month, California health officials gave the green light to re-open sports stadiums, ball parks and theme parks statewide beginning April 1.

Disneyland is planning to re-open its magical castle gates on April 30, 2021. Over the last several months Disneyland and other regional theme parks began organizing popular food-themed events but due to safety measures, rides remained non-operational.

Under new safety guidelines rollercoasters, dark rides, and other amusement park attractions will be able to roll out once again to the thrill-seeking public.

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