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Gay Gaucho Experience in Buenos Aires

by Roy Heale

Anyone who has visited Buenos Aires knows that the nightlife is diverse and entertaining for both straight and gay tourists. But many people are not aware of the party scene for a gay Gaucho, the name given to Argentine gay cowboys. Which exists in the nearby countryside. Local gay guide Gustavo from the 2Portenios will help you experience this unique culture in a tour that you will probably never forget!

group of men standing next to a ZX sign

Gay Gaucho Night happens at ZONE X, a must-see road-house nightclub an hour and a half outside of Buenos Aires, where anything and everything does happen entertaining. The 2 Portenios can host a group via passenger chauffeur driven shuttle on a midnight champagne excursion to ZONE X. You will find yourself transported to a colorful club that has for the last eight years been the best-kept secret around Buenos Aires.

The unreserved gauchos, transvestites, farm-hands, laborers, elders, gay and gay-for-a-day boys, and girls, are more than happy to receive you into a party like no other — where you can abandon your inhibitions and experience this unique lifestyle.

With music including disco, electronic, the ’80s, Latin, or sauce on a club-lit dance floor, where there are plenty of hot gay gauchos for the occasional slow dance at the end of the night. The crowd at ZONE X are friendly local people that have made their own style of party and revelry. Enjoy the night’s alternative edge, enormous beers served in liter bottles for a couple of bucks, an outdoor patio, plus a dark backroom and Bush with tools greasier than any you’ll find on the farm at home. Wear what you dare and do pretty much anything you want, as the staff is having as much fun as the crowd. Pole dancing is a participatory event and everyone joins in!

people standing at a gay gaucho barThis will prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime side-trip on any visit to Buenos Aires. You will find an unexpected place in your heart for this unforgettable night round-trip excursion into the Argentine Twilight Zone. Chances are you will return for more in the future!

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