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Gaycation Magazine Issue 10 October 2014

by Gaycation Magazine
Halloween cover of gaycation magazine with a large carved pumpkin and fall backdrop in Ogunquit maine

You’ll never be the same once you’ve visited Salem Massachusetts for Halloween. This magical city has everything you possibly could expect for a spooky Halloween. The Witch City, Salem Massachusetts takes their tradition and culture very seriously. You’ll see all sorts of witches, wizards, murderers, and even some nasty villains roaming the streets; in costume of course!

cover of gaycation magazine with a large pumpkin carving featuring salem massachusetts for halloween

We have been to Salem Massachusetts for Halloween twice. It’s a place of wonder. It’s a place of mystery, and it’s a place of magick. Read what one of it’s local residents has to say about this small New England town.

Food & Spirits in The Witch City:  A Local Bon Vivant Walks Naumkeag

by William Legault

When visiting a new destination it is often difficult to decide where to begin your exploration.

In Salem you will not encounter that problem. This geographically small city is truly designed for those who like to walk. The streets are narrow and crowded, as are many of the sidewalks, but it’s possible to walk a mile from your destination quicker than you could drive there.

New Orleans:  Spirited Bars & Restaurants

by Kim Ranjbar

From the tireless Rebirth Bras Brass band playing “Do Whatcha Wanna” at The Maple Leaf in the early morning hours to the sip of a liquor-laden Hand Grenade on Bourbon Street, the spirit of New Orleans cannot be denied. You can feel it in the warm, tropical air, hear it in the music, smell it in the aromatic honeysuckle (which grows just about everywhere), taste it in the gumbo, crawfish etouffee, and crème brulee, and see it in the hospitable smiles of its fun-loving locals. Not only is New Orleans one of the most exuberant, joyous and effervescent cities in the world, it is also, reputedly, one of the most haunted.

Dining in West Hollywood:  Exotic Game, Vegan Quesadillas & Virgin Cocktails

by Stevie St. John

Famous LGBT enclave West Hollywood, a “city within a city” nestled in the Los Angeles area, is a primo nightlife destination with an array of clubs, numerous music venues and the glitzy Sunset Strip. And when it comes to food, the “Creative City” doesn’t disappoint. WeHo has a diverse palate that’s anything but bland. During your visit, there are plenty of options for a unique dining experience.

WeHo, which has banned drive-through restaurants, is essentially a fast-food-free zone, so don’t plan to grab a quick burger or taco before painting the town red. Instead, allow time to take in one of the city’s many mid-range to high-end eateries.

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