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Gaycation Magazine Pride Issue 7 June-July 2014

by Gaycation Magazine
gaycation magazine pride issue with a rainbow flag on the cover

Join us as we discover Gay Key West, our feature story for our debut issue. You will get an inside peek at what it’s like to live on that little Florida island by a local. We’ll explore all of the favorites, as well as discover some new places to visit. You won’t want to miss what Duvall Street has to offer and the uniqueness of the Conch Republic.

the cover page Gaycation magazine pride issue featuring Sonoma, Key West, and Ogunquit

Gay Key West

By Guy A Ross

There is a subtle rhythm to this little island in the stream.  If you don’t live here or if you’ve not been born here you might miss it. But it’s definitely here. You can feel it, sense it, and sometimes even taste it. A gentle cadence that impels you to breathe deeply, lower your shoulders, chill. One of the bestselling bumper stickers in Key West warns: “Slow Down!  This Ain’t the Mainland!” …

Diversity in Gay Travel:  An Interview with Laurence Pinckney of Zenbiz Travel

GM:  What are cruise lines, resorts, and airlines doing, if anything to attract more ethnic LGBT travelers?

ZB:  Well, I see that cruise lines like Norwegian, are doing more as far as putting ethnic images in their advertisements.  But, there is so much more that can be done with regard to niche marketing to people-of-color.  This market is ripe with potential clients who have expendable income and are ready to travel now.  But they are looking for options that speak to them, their family, and their friends.  The big mistake many of these companies make, is they don’t understand the power of groupthink within our disparate communities.

Ogunquit Maine, Beautiful Place by the Sea

By Rick Barber

The year was 1988, probably before many of you were even born.  I was a grad student in Boston.  Many friends had been talking about this little town in Maine where lots of gay people hang out.  It was only an hour or so north of the city.  I decided to pull together a few dollars and take a mini-vacation.  I broke out my gay guide (remember kids, Al Gore had not invented the internet yet), called a couple of B&B’s, found a room, and into my Suzuki Samurai I went and drove to Ogunquit Maine…

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