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Hidden charges – Why do they do this!


Let’s face you expect to pay what is advertised but how many times do you struggle to find what you are actually been charged.

So below is a list of some annoying hidden charges which you discover when check in or worse when you check out:

  • Car Rental fees – says $40 a day but this excludes:
  • airport surcharge
  • licence fees
  • drop off fees
  • insurance
  • relocation fee
  • stamp duty fee
  • and the list goes on
  • so the cost ends up been $100 a day!
  • Parking fees at hotels
    • They say parking is available on there website but forget to mention it isn’t free.
    • You end up paying $14 to $30 for overnight parking but only discover on check in or worse still on check out
  • Internet fees at hotels
    • So you want to browse the web, check email, etc.
    • You then find the charge is $10 per hour or a max charge of $25 a day.
    • So guess what you don’t use it and go down the road to the local internet cafe and pay $3 an hour or turn to wireless broadband when travelling.
  • Phone fees at hotels
    • So you make one local call. They charge you $2 for a call which from a payphone is $0.50.
    • So guess what you use your mobile or buy a calling card so you don’t pay for the call.
    • Will beware of using a calling card as the hotel will probably charge you still for the a toll free phone call.
    • Best surprise I ever got was making a phone call from Vancouver YWCA back to Sydney, Australia and only been charged $1.
    • Worse surprise was been charged $5 for a two minute call to a local number in Brisbane and this was after paying $250 a night for the room.

    Well you might say hotels and businesses are free to charge what they want but remember the customer who has paid these ridiculous fees will remember. Even if they are on a business trip they will remember the prices charged and won’t be back for a holiday.

    From my personal experience it seems to be the larger chains who think because they have a name they can charge whatever they want.

    Do you have experiences of hidden charges? Post a comment to let us know your experiences.

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