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Indigenous Romance Experiences in Hawaii World Heritage Site


Romance luxury travelers can now cross the bridge into deeper Hawaiian culture to include personal guided sessions at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park from local and native practitioners at www.alohalgbt.com. These aloha sessions take place in sacred spaces directly within the World Heritage Site and can be had as a part of 5 day / 5 night authentic cultural spiritual bonding journeys on the Big Island that are available through Aloha LGBT.

Indigenous experiences that in the past have been inaccessible to the common traveler and involve ceremonies typically reserved only for Hawaiian family range from lomilomi massage to intuitive Hawaiian blessings to guided journeys to the volcano in the private company of kahuna who can connect directly with the power of Pele herself. A vow renewal service is at the center of this couples experience.

A full-size rental car is included. A typical accommodation, pre-screened by the company always, would be a luxurious private condominium overlooking the ocean. The private accommodations make it possible for extra elements such as private concerts and personal chefs that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Food for the week is also included, making it truly all-inclusive but for airfare.

All of the top-level support services including private villa accommodations, limousine or luxury sedan transportation (hybrid where available) with a driver and chef-prepared meals are also available as Executive Level additions to the package. It all comes “highly recommended” by Patricia Eyford, Gold Floor Concierge at the Fairmont Orchid in Waikoloa. “These are special experiences for special people.”

David Gaynes, founder and assembler-by-hand of every personal wellness journey, said, “The Big Island is unlike any other Hawaiian island because it has fire energy from live volcanoes, earth energy from the world’s tallest mountain from base-to-summit, Mauna Kea, and of course it is surrounded by ocean and bathed in tropical breezes. Just the ‘aina [land] itself has a lot to offer people for both wellness and deep nature experiences.”

The kahuna connected with the company are proud and honored to continue the tradition of their heritage that has been passed down for generations. Many hundreds of Hawaiians with the kahuna wisdoms went to their graves with broken spirits, hearts laden with sadness because they could not practice the healing practices of kahuna high temple. Today most of the ancient knowledge of the kahuna has been hidden, with only a few masters of healing arts practicing the ancestral wisdom.

“Many of those who come to Hawaii are looking for just this kind of authentic island experience and just can’t find it themselves,” Gaynes said. “We’ve taken the work out of finding powerful healers and cultural guides, and we’ve personally experienced all of the people we offer through our service.”
Aloha LGBT is a community-based company that was built in 2007 and works to create cultural, ecological and economic sustainability on the Big Island. As Pila of Hawaii says, “Hawaii is the birthplace and home office to the mystical. At this time of crossroads for humanity, this bridge to the indigenous wisdom is precious and long overdue.”


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