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LGBT Tournament in Barcelona

by Gaycation Magazine

Who doesn´t know about the Panteres Grogues (Yellow Panters) of Barcelona? This LGBT sports association is not only known by most members of the LGTB community in Barcelona, but also by other LGBT associations all around Europe.

It began 20 years ago with a little bunch of people who would gather at the beach with a yellow volleyball they were offered as a gift from a LGBT German sport association and today it has more than 600 members!

This year, once again, the association is gathering everyone in Barcelona in order to celebrate the Panteresports tournament. But this is not only another successful edition of the tournament (the 8th edition, to say it right) but it will also be the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the association.

But which are going to be the different sports of the tournament? Squash, football, beach volleyball, volleyball, padel and swimming are the main divisions of the tournament. It is taking place from the 19th to the 21st September, so if you have a team or you are good at these sports, you can join the competition by subscribing on their website: panteresports.cat

They also had accommodation offers but given the amazing success the association is having on bringing competitors, the accommodation places are out!!! But no worries, luckily the tournament is not taking place in June (as it was planned) and therefore accommodation in the city is not as expensive as it would have been two months ago.

And if you thought that´s all, you are wrong. They are also having a dinner and two parties two celebrate the occasion. What makes it the perfect opportunity to practice some sport and make new friends from all over the world! And if you are not into sports, we are sure that you will enjoy looking taking part of the public, supporting the cutest boy or girl competing.

If you don´t want to miss out the opportunity to attend the event, have a look at the website of the tournament for more information.

Last year we sponsored one of the football teams and we wish them all the best this year! If you want to discover the city while you are in this tournament you can check out our website to enjoy the best gay tours in Barcelona: rainbowbarcelona.com

We wish luck and amusement to all competitors!

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