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LGBTs are Travellers, not Tourists

by Rainbow Rambler

Traveller not a Tourist

I read an article about “Millennial Travellers” who supposedly hate the idea of being considered “tourists.” Born well before the millennium, I, too, think of myself as a traveler, not a tourist.

If you like this, you’re not a tourist…
Are you the kind of visitor that explores a destination, seeking real and authentic experiences?
Do you like your memory-making experiences to be educational, fun or entertaining?
How about immersive, interactive and hands on?

Thought so. No cookie-cutter tour for you – no matter your age.

I like to think it’s our attitude, not our age, that makes us travellers. Once upon a time we planned our holidays around hotels, destinations or events that catered to our kind and offered a safe haven. Today, we’re more mainstream, even when we travel for LGBT activities, so looking for the “gay friendly” symbol is less important than booking a brand-name hotel where their gay welcoming packages let you mix comfortably.

If you’re unsure, look at respected gay-own web directories like www.RainbowTourism.com and iglta.org that list the truly welcoming, worldwide hotels like Hilton, Marriott and Kimpton.)

Speaking of event travel, we’re calendar mad at Rainbow Tourism, featuring as many pride, sports, festivals & cultural events we can find when blogging gay hotspot destinations. From A to Z, there’s a place and event to match your non-touristy style.

OUT there starts here
-Rainbow Tourism editor Dee Farrell blogs as “The Rainbow Rambler.”

PS In my opinion (based on being in the gay-niche travel industry for more than 30 years), LGBT travelers today have similar aspirations about travel and differ only in the devices they carry. Back when the IGLTA was in its infancy, we sent postcards and developed our photos when we got home. Today we upload our photos to Instagram and simultaneously share them with our social network – no matter if we were born before or after the new century.

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