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Ravi Roth is on the move with the new ‘Gaycation Travel Show’

by Timothy Rawles

The Gaycation Travel Show with Ravi Roth takes viewers on an exhilarating journey to new, known, and off-the-beaten-path LGBTQ+ friendly places, immersing you in the local queer and not-so-queer culture of each destination.

Join host Ravi Roth as he explores new destinations every week traveling around the globe with help from fellow LGBTQ+ travelers who have been there before.

In each episode, Ravi and his guest correspondent will explore places to stay, how to have fun, what to eat, sightseeing, and much more while learning about the queer history of the local community.

Our debut season will feature eight destinations both domestic and international. Ravi in his ever-hopeful quest to find his next “ex-husband” explores not only the popular, well-traveled LGBTQ+ hangouts but also unique places worthy of visiting because of their welcoming attitude. Ravi uncovers some of the best-kept secrets of what should be on your travel bucket list.

The Gaycation Travel Show is produced by OUTvoices TV and in partnership with Gaycation Magazine, a distinctive voice in LGBTQ+ travel content, inspiring travelers to immerse themselves in authentic experiences that help create a deep connection between readers, destinations, and local culture.

Gaycation Magazine is published four times a year by Aequalitas Media. Gaycation Magazine explores your dream destinations and gives you ideas for ones you may not know about. It also offers safety tips, pandemic guidelines, beautiful photos, and other pertinent travel information to prepare you for your journey.

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