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Resort to Love in Brighton With Travel Couple Tash and Marthe

by Timothy Rawles
Breaking the Distance

It’s no secret that the seaside city of Brighton on the southern coast of England is one of the most bustling LGBTQ communities in the United Kingdom.

This week on YouTube’s Gaycation Travel Show, host Ravi Roth dives into this LGBTQ beachfront mecca with fellow travelers and intrepid couple Tash and Marthe.

Depending on where you’re from, traveling to England right now is possible, but there are some guidelines to know before booking your flight. Be sure to check the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) website to ensure you are up-to-date on protocols.

For now though, meet Tash and Marthe as we ask them a few questions about “The Queen of Watering Places,” also known as Brighton. Then check out the Gaycation Travel Show on YouTube this Friday to get to know them even more.

Gaycation Magazine: Who are Tash and Marthe? 

Tash and Marthe: Tash (English), Marthe (Dutch), met in Bali and fell in love. Together we co-founded ‘Breaking the Distance’ an LGBTQ+ relationship and travel blog. 

What is one misconception about Brighton that most people might have? 

The biggest misconception is that it is only a party city, a place for bachelorettes and stag parties. But Brighton is also home to such a diverse mix of culture. It’s home to an incredible art scene as well as amazing independent restaurants, offering every cuisine imaginable. 

What kind of food can you expect to have when you visit Brighton? 

As vegans we love Brighton as there is such a wide variety. But to be honest you can find pretty much anything and everything in Brighton. 

How should you dress when visiting? 

That’s the beauty of this city, you can dress however you feel comfortable. In whatever way expresses you the best. There is no trend or fashion to follow. You will see all types of styles and it’s also know for great vintage shopping so there is always the opportunity for an outfit change. One piece of advice is that if you plan on really exploring, wear comfortable shoes! Brighton is definitely a walking city with hills and cobblestone so wear shoes that you can walk in all day. 

What is the best time of year to visit? 

Summer/Spring is when it really comes to life. Being located right on the seaside means that it’s always an incredible atmosphere on a beautiful summer’s day when everyone is enjoying their time on the beach. 

What is the closest airport? 

London Gatwick & London Heathrow both have easy access to Brighton. A simple train journey will get you to Brighton train station in 30 minutes. 

What’s one activity that maybe no one knows about that a visitor should definitely do?

The Brighton Waster House, located at the University of Brighton. It’s a house-made entirely of waste. It’s built to be a living lab of eco-design.

The Gaycation Travel Show, episode 2 premieres Friday, May 21 on YouTube. (Pictured Tash & Marthe with host Ravi Roth).

The Gaycation Travel Show with host Ravi Roth is on YouTube with new episodes every Friday. Be sure to click subscribe and like the video to help us bring you even more great LGBTQ travel content.

You can also find Tash & Marthe on their website HERE. They can also be found on Facebook and Instagram.

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