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Staying Alive in Aotearoa: Play and Learn in the Wild.

by Gaycation Magazine

YOU vs WILD is Guided Walks New Zealand’s version of the popular TV series on outdoor survival.

Be introduced to the rugged New Zealand bush and wild backcountry and learn a few of the skills that you will need to stay alive in in the wilderness and mountains.
You’ve seen it done on the television survival series, as the host flies into the middle of nowhere by helicopter, dropped into the wilderness and left to survive with nothing but what he’s carrying and whatever he finds on his journey back to civilization.

For something different when in Queenstown, you can give You vs Wild Drop Zone a go. You’ll fly across Queenstown’s Breathing Lake Wakatipu and then high above the mountains, in and out of valleys, above ancient native rainforests until you reach the Drop Zone deep in the wilderness. You game?

Don’t like to fly? Take the half-day walk and learn how to make a fire, how to build a bivouac shelter, what plants to eat, how to make a pain relief drink, how to find north the celestial way and how to filter water so that it’s safe to drink. These are a few of the skills that you will need to stay alive, in the back country of New Zealand – Aotearoa.

A bit of history

For Peter Hitchman working as a Personal Body Guard for an 80’s pop group in the UK with two ex SAS soldiers, playing survival games in the forests & mountains at any given opportunity was their way of letting off steam. When Peter arrived in New Zealand 15 years ago he was able to use some of the skills that he’d learned, as well as formalizing them at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre, to lead survival camps for teenagers and corporate groups.

“Introducing people to the wilderness in a way that’s different, letting them explore and find out how simple it is to play survival games and learn new tricks is a passion of mine. I believe everyone has it in them to become a survivalist.” – Pete

You Vs Wild Video

Drop Zone Video

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