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Wilderness “Survivor Course” for Queenstown Adventurers


Surviving is all about being in control; control of your environment; control of the situation; but most importantly control of your emotions in a stressful situation.

How would you do in the wilderness, with nothing but a knife and the few things you have on your person, or items that may have been discarded by others before you?

There’s an easy fun way to test your skills in a survivor-type experience.

The skilled team at Guided Walks New Zealand in Queenstown have launched a half day adventure called You vs Wild. On this half day walk (3-6 kms) you will be introduced to the wilderness of Aotearoa, you’ll learn how to make a fire, learn what plants are safe to eat, how to make pain relief, how to navigate the celestial way, and how to filter water so that it’s safe to drink – and learn to make a leaf compass. These are just a few of the skills that you will need to stay alive, in the back country.

The Rainbow Tourism Concierge says “Peter and Karyn have been guiding and instructing in the mountains and forests of New Zealand for over a decade, taking groups deep into the lush forests and high above the snow line into the pristine, untouched world of the alpine region. They have a vast knowledge of the flora, fauna, history and geology of this beautiful region. Both have taken lesbian and gay visitors on all kinds of trips – from snowshoeing to easy lakeside walks – into some of the most beautiful and spectacular areas in the Queenstown region. When I took a wilderness walk, I learned Guided Walks NZ specialises in the edible and medicinal plants used by the Maori and pioneers of NZ.”

Guided Nature Walks will pick you up at your accommodation in Queenstown. Plenty of gay-welcoming hotels, from flashpacker to five-star.

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