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Taman Bebek Bali Resort & Spa, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Taman Bebek Bali Resort & Spa

Ubud is a town on the Indonesian island of Bali in Ubud District, located amongst rice paddies and steep ravines in the central foothills of the Gianyar regency. One of Bali’s major arts and culture centres, it has developed a large tourism industry. Tourism on the island developed after the arrival of Walter Spies, an ethnic German born in Russia who taught painting and music, and dabbled in dance. Spies and foreign painters Willem Hofker and Rudolf Bonnet entertained celebrities including Charlie Chaplin, Noël Coward, Barbara Hutton, H.G. Wells, and Vicki Baum. They brought in some of the greatest artists from all over Bali to teach and train the Balinese in arts, helping Ubud become the cultural centre of Bali. A new burst of creative energy came in 1960s in the wake of Dutch painter Arie Smit, and development of the Young Artists Movement. There are many museums in Ubud, including the Museum Puri Lukisan, Museum Neka, and the Agung Rai Museum of Art. The Bali tourist boom since the late 1960s has seen much development in the town; however, it remains a centre of artistic pursuit.

The Taman Bebek Bali Resort & Spa is a place to soak in the beauty of the Balinese countryside and culture. Originally it was the home of American musicologist Colin McPhee. Landscape artist and writer Made Wijaya acquired the land in 1983 and rebuilt the cottages—adding villas, swimming pools and a lobby/library. All villas have lush gardens and most have views overlooking the river valley. Some areas of the gardens are now more than seventy years old, dating from Colin McPhee’s tenure.

Luscious Tropical Grounds

The spacious Bali-Modern and Colonial-Classic cottages and villas are intended for those who appreciate nature. Your accommodation is either within a tropical garden or with spectacular river valley and rice field views.

Bali Aga Villa:
Spacious suites located near the new lap pool and outdoor of Bali Aga Museum of Architecture. These suites are the newest and most luxurious of Taman Bebek accommodation.

Valley View West Villa:
These two villas are a mix between the Queenslander and the Malay house styles, with broad wrap-around verandahs, spacious garden.

Malay Villa:
Malay Villa Wijaya is an authority on regional architecture and wanted in this villa to showcase the elegant bungalow style of Trengganu in Malaysia, the home of some of Malaysia’s most handsome colonial/traditional buildings.

Gorgeous Bedrooms

Croissant Villa:
In 1980 French heiress and Balinese dance aficionado Agnes Yeti commissioned Wijaya to design a cottage in the former garden of musicologist Colin.

Made Villa:
Villa Made was writer/landscaper Made Wijaya’s original Sayan home, designed by Wijaya in the mountain style he calls Bali-Baronial. The thatched, split-level villa has a full bathroom on each floor and a small kitchenette.

Valley View East Villa:
These two villas are a mix between the Queenslander and the Malay house styles, with broad wrap-around verandahs, spacious garden bathrooms and colonial-Dutch interiors.

Royal Villa:
This villa was built on the site of musicologist Colin McPhee’s original 1950s Bali home, as featured in his book “A House in Bali”.

Modern Kitchens

Presidential Suite:
In 1995, Made Wijaya wanted a new house to showcase the view of neighbouring site and was keen to flex some architectural muscle on the site. With his partners Gusti Sarjana and Nyoman Miyoga, a “Presidential Villa” was conceived in a style that could be called “power dressing”.

A professional trainer Ketut Ari can help you work out or stretch by the pool, or in your room. Various spa treatments from trained therapists are also available.

Poolside Relaxation

A true boutique hotel in the heart of Sayan village, Taman Bebek offers amazing value at one of the best locations in the Ubud area, nestled betwixt the five-star international brands on the prestigious Ayung River gorge.

Book Now Website: www.tamanbebekbali.com

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