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Travelling with Medication


We recently had the following concierge request. It raises concerns that a lot of travellers have about visas, medication, and other issues when travelling.

I am traveling from US to Bali for the first time in April. I have been geting mixed messages about traveling there with my medications. Some advise bring only enough for the trip with copies of perscriptions, some say take original containers. I am getting mixed messages about Indonesian custom agents. Just wondering what experiences your clients have had and any recommendations you might have.

Our response back was as follows:

In terms of medication there is no issue in bringing these into Bali but you should follow the following rules:

  • Have a copy of your prescription.
  • Bring sufficient for your holiday – but not too much more.
  • Use original packaging.

As with all Asian countries the penalties on illegal drugs is severe so only take pescription medication. If you should need any over the counter medication it would be sensible to have a doctors pescription to cover this.

As with all travel you should check your government’s travel website to check all entry criteria. You can see what the Australian government advise about Bali at www.smartraveller.gov.au

If it is HIV medication you are concerned about the only countries which restrict travel of the foreign travellers with HIV are USA, China, Saudi Arabia, Russia and a few other countries. The AIDS News website has some useful links.

With the move to online bookings RainbowTourism.com is committed to providing travellers using our service the most up to date information.

One word of warning for travel to Asian countries – penalties for carrying of illegal drugs is severe – imprisonment of 20+ years or death. While the penalties in Australia and New Zealand are not as severe – be aware all luggage is routinely scanned for food materials, due to strict quarantine, so any drugs will be detected.

We welcome your concerns and questions are will add these to our website with useful links to ensure your travel is hassle free. Simply ask the Rainbow Tourism Concierge

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