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Villa Elanora, Brawa Beach, Canggu, Bali

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Villa Elanora Bali

The island of Bali is perhaps one of the last remaining spiritual enclaves where the passage of life is measured by a continuous cycle of symbolic rituals and ceremonial rites. Encompassed by other islands that make up a vast expanse known as the Indonesian archipelago, Bali has always proudly preserved its unique cultural identity that is based upon a legacy of religion, art, and tradition.

Bali is ultimately a destination of diverse beauty where the landscape is dominated by a chain of volcanic peaks considered sacred by local inhabitants. What lies within the rest of the island is a contrast of tropical forest, rice terraces, and agricultural terrain etched by a network of flowing rivers and irrigation canals. All of which is surrounded by a coral enriched coastline that varies in composition from pristine beaches to elevated limestone cliffs, secluded bays, and world class surf breaks.

Villa Elanora Bali at Night

The Balinese believe their island to be the bountiful centre of the Hindu universe. Elaborate ceremonies with colorful offerings of fruit and flowers regularly take place all over the island in accordance to an ancient calendar system. For decades the magnetic charm of Bali and its blessed way of life has captured the hearts of those who have had the good fortune to descend upon its shores. The island is a place where travellers from all walks of life are embraced by genuine hospitality and experience an underlying sense of belonging.

With its unique location in a quiet part of the south west coast of Bali, Villa Elanora Bali offers a great variety of options, from total seclusion and uninterrupted privacy to exploring the vibrant and trendy neighbouring village of Seminyak. The Canggu and Seminyak area offers a diversity of restaurant and nightlife ranging from the sedate to the action packed.

Due to its extremely close proximity to the Brawa surf beach—200metres—the sunset view is naturally on display. In the morning, the cloudless skies allow you to view the majestic Mount Batur and Mount Agung from your villa. Early morning walks on Brawa beach lead to a nearby fishing village where you can bargain with the local fisherman for the catch of the day. Or the Villa staff can organize transport for you to enjoy all the fine dining and shopping you have time for in the famous Seminyak area, only a short ten minute drive away from Elanora Bali.

Spacious Villas

Elanora Bali offers you villa style resort accommodation like no other, complete with the highest standard service throughout your time at the long stay deluxe villa or the exclusive master villa. The Long Stay Deluxe Villa is a private villa on a smaller land size complete with a medium sized swimming pool. The Exclusive Master Villa is a private villa, designed as a private home complete with a larger garden and swimming pool than the other Villas. Staying in this villa resort accommodation will provide you with complimentary access to Canggu Club, Bali’s stylish international members club with a strong social, family, and sports orientation, world-class facilities, personalised service, and great attention to detail.

The villa resort accommodation is located on the shores of Pantai Berawa within close proximity to Brawa surf beach and Echo Beach. Surf boards are available at the tourist beaches and the prices are usually negotiable, or you can try the popular Rip Curl School of Surf.

Bali is also the home to the best Spa’s in the world. Your private villa staff can arrange a massage in your own villa, but if you want to go out and really be pampered then upon check-in  the staff will organize everything for you.

Perched on the shores of Pantai Berawa, Villa Elanora Bali consists of new and superbly designed luxury villas which are professionally managed to the highest standards. Upon your stay in these luxury villas you will receive superb service from well trained staff, including such things as:

  • Food and beverage requirements upon request
  • Daily villa cleaning
  • Transportation, tours and sightseeing

Elegant Rooms

Elanora, is an aboriginal word meaning “home by the sea” and is the perfect phrase to describe Villa  Elanora Bali. These private luxury villas are perfect for you to make your home by the sea during your vacation in Bali. The inspiration of the architectural aesthetics of the villa resort were based on the richness of the Balinese culture.

Maybe Brawa Beach is not as famous as the renowned Kuta Beach, but it also has a sunset view that is equal to the famous Kuta Beach. On Sunday, local people love to go there playing with their family, and enjoy ocean swimming where the waves are not dangerous. Plus for safety, they also have beach lifeguards.

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