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Wheelchair Accessible Gay Bars

by Gaycation Magazine

Barcelona is the city that is getting more and more accessible for all residents and visitors who are wheelchair users. Nevertheless, there are still a lot of places and aspects that could be improved.

As we prepare to enjoy a great party night, for example, we can see that not all the bars or nightclubs have easy access for people with wheelchairs, there are a few rather than a lot and we need to raise the awareness of this issue.

So we want to show you some wheelchair accessible gay bars for so everyone can enjoy a great evening out with friends.

Some of the bars, clubs and restaurants in the famous “gaixample” (the gay district of Barcelona) that are accessible to wheelchair users are:

  • Punto Bar (c/ Muntaner, 63)
  • Versailles Bar (Passatge Valeri Serra, 3)
  • Osbar (c/ Diputació, 225)
  • La Sue Barcelona, para ellas (c/ Villarroel, 60)
  • Discoteca Aire/Arena Classic (c/ Diputació, 233)
  • Discoteca Arena Dandy (Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 593)
  • Restaurante Iurantia (c/ Casanova, 42)

friends at the bar

In Rainbow Barcelona Tours, the first tour agency for the LGBT community in Spain, we have always shown a special awareness for people in wheelchairs. Among other services, the agency offers transfers from the airport to the city, specialized toursexcursions out of Barcelona and hotel booking services, all this in order to verify that they have a real accessibility for wheelchairs.

wheelchair tours

Usually the accessible tours are a lot more expensive than the regular ones, in Rainbow Barcelona, we believe in the equality of conditions, that’s why our accessible tours have the same price as the others and we just have the extra charge for the accessible vehicle.

wheelchair tours

We believe in the visualization of the minority social groups. We are pleased and proud to help other people with difficulties and to turn their holidays into a comfortable and an unforgettable experienceYou decide where the limit is!

wheelchair hot air balloon

Article courtesy of Rainbow Barcelona – Rainbow Gay Tours

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