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Mongolia Golden Eagle Festival & Expedition

September 9 - September 20

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Mongolia Golden Eagle Festival & Expedition, from the Gobi Desert to the Golden Eagle Festival.

Feel like a nomad on our Mongolian expedition as we traverse the North Asian country by foot, camel and horseback. Together we’ll make sand dunes ‘sing’, haggle with vendors in chaotic markets and witness eagle hunting competitions during the Golden Eagle Festival. Mix in some extraordinary hikes, a few nights of glamping, a swig of fermented mare’s milk and you’ve got a grand adventure on your hands.

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Mongolia MAP


  • Enjoy eagle hunting competitions, Khazak clothing shows, throat singing and regional delicacies during the country’s famous Golden Eagle Festival
  • Experience Mongolia’s famously rugged landscape during invigorating hikes
  • Track wild horses in Khustai National Park and learn to ride tame horses in Bayan-Ulgii
  • Unleash your inner-childhood wonder at the site Roy Chapman Andrews unearthed the world’s first intact dinosaur egg fossils
  • Enjoy a couple of humps on a Gobi Desert camel ride
  • Haggle with local artisans in Ulaanbaatar’s Black Market
  • Make sand dunes ‘sing’ while exploring the Khongor sand dunes, a particularly photogenic region of the desert
  • Slumber in traditional gers like a true Mongolian nomad—see Important Information
  • Hike the colourful Yol Valley
  • Discover Ulaanbaatar on a private walking tour that includes the Mongolia Museum of Natural History and the Gandan Buddhist Monastery

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