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Life in the Margins: Otherness in New Zealand: LATE at the Museum Thursday 6 October


If you are in Auckland or visiting Auckland in October this is a chance to enjoy a good debate, meet some interesting people and discover some of New Zealand’s drag and musical talent.

Auckland Musuem is the venue for a debat about New Zealanders’ attitudes towards difference and conformity.

Who is being marginalised in today’s society and how much more open are New Zealanders?

Curated by Public Address founder and Media7 host Russell Brown, October’s LATE at the Museum will look at Life in the Margins: Otherness in New Zealand.

“The journey from Pearson’s New Zealand to the one we live in today fascinates me,” says Brown. “Pearson died without ever feeling able to be publicly open about his sexuality, yet now Cabinet ministers are out and discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is prohibited in law. So where are the margins now? And how is life there?”

The LATE line-up for October is ‘gay, disabled, vegetarian, comedian’ Philip Patston, founder of DiversityWorks, a consulting business that creates innovative ways to work with diversity, journalist and author David Cohen who has written of his early life on the wrong side of the tracks and his experience of being father to his profoundly autistic son, Stacey Kerapa Huata who began her teen years living life on Auckland’s K’Rd and now works as an advocate for victims of domestic violence and Labour MP Jacinda Ardern who says this country’s youth unemployment rates are at crisis point.

After the panel, an incredible live performance created for LATE at the Museum will bring to life the history of Auckland’s premier house of drag, featuring Tess Tickle and Buckwheat.

Event details are below – if you can’t make this event do take the time on your next visit to explore Auckland’s Musuem.

  • Doors open 6.30pm
  • Thursday, October 6
  • LATE at the Museum
  • Auckland Museum

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