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New York’s Fire Island Pines is heating up for a whole lot of summer fun

by Timothy Rawles
Fire Island Pines

Fire Island Pines, or The Pines, is getting ready for a massive influx of travelers who are eager to return to hamlet vacationing. In fact, most of the houses in the area have already been rented for 2021.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) said this week that fully vaccinated people can move about the country mask-free (some restrictions still apply). With this new guideline, people are finding themselves planning to celebrate by way of domestic travel.

The Pines’ has already begun to open up with its famous shops and clubs, including the Sip N Twirl nightclub. And the Pines Bistro has also re-opened for business.

“Currently, we are allowed indoor dining at 75%,” said PJ McAteer, Managing Director of Fire Island Pines.

Fire Island Pines

Long considered America’s “first gay and lesbian town,” The Pines had a bit of a setback during the pandemic, but it wasn’t a devastating loss. In fact, it worked to some people’s advantage.

“Fire Island Pines is a quick train and ferry ride for everyone in the tri-state area,” Kenneth Sullivan, Resort Director of the Pines explains. “It quickly became a haven last summer for city dwellers looking to work from home. After their Zoom meeting, they could switch into shorts and flip flops and find themselves with a cocktail in hand on the beach or dancing outside at Low Tea with their friends.”

Although the pandemic seems to be relaxing its hold on people who want to escape to somewhere beyond their four walls, The Pines is still keeping safety measures in place. “We want everyone to feel safe and secure when visiting Fire Island Pines,” says McAteer.

For almost 70 years The Pines has been a destination for gay men. Back when homosexuality was illegal the island provided a safe haven away from persecution. In the present day, the island has become a popular vacation spot for the entire LGBTQ+ community.

For those who live on the east coast, the trip to Fire Island is only 90 minutes from New York City. Those outside the state it’s only a ten-minute cab ride from Long Island MacArthur Airport to the Fire Island Pines ferry.

Fire Island Pines

“There is something for everyone who visits Fire Island Pines,” McAteer adds.  “We have four excellent restaurants serving everything from tapas to Mediterranean faire and fabulous weekend brunches. We have some of the best nightlife on the planet featuring world-class DJ’s and celebrity performers.  And we have a hotel that is right smack in the center of all the action.”

For more information on Fire Island Pines click HERE.

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