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Why is girl love so good?

by Gaycation Magazine

Holding handsby: An Anonymous Travel Couple

For those in a long distance relationship, travel becomes a part of your everyday world. Some days are lonely. Others are full of anticipation and for the times when you meet at some remote airport at midnight, the days are just about as perfect as days can be. For all the ups and downs, it’s got to be a pretty special kind of love to go the distance. 

An excerpt from our travel diaries: 

It’s raining a soft slow rainfall like mist. The sky is grey, one sweeping shade so pale that it’s almost white. In the background I’m playing an indie love song, sent from her. I am filled with a warmth that falls down around me as I listen to each soulful lilting word and somehow know that only she would have ever found such music or thought to send it to me. She has my every mood tapped, knows just what I want to wake up to and how to carry me through the day. Even from thousands of miles away. Somehow, even long-distance she knows just how to be beside me and fill up the space. 

When I think about this relationship with another woman, I try to find the words to describe it, to give it the same context that comes when a guy and girl walk down the street. Like the music I’ve been listening to this morning, it’s hard to describe how it sounds or feels. Music carries you away, touches that splintered part of you and makes you whole. I remember when I was a kid staying at my cousin’s place, was my every holiday dream come true. I never thought about travelling far or doing something new, because the feeling of completeness when my cousin and I would lay in our beds, giggling way past midnight talking about our latest crush, filled our world’s with happiness. We just got each other and there was a simple joy in that familiarity. When I think of it now, it was like a sacred bubble of loveliness. That’s a little of what this girl love is like.

girls feetPerhaps this should be called “Why is gay love so good?” because maybe in relationship with our same-sex partner, we catch a glimpse of ourselves.

From those moments as little girls or boys finding our way, as teenagers recognising each other’s fears to falling in love and creating our place in the world. We wear the familiarity like an old jumper, cosying up against our girlhood or boyhood memories that only they would understand. Growing up, people tell girls that boyfriends will come and go, even men may come and go, but your girlfriends will be there forever; keep them close and love them fiercely. We all understand the natural sense of comfort this recognition brings. 

As for me, I recognised her immediately. I was in my late 30’s and I knew, just knew in an instant that life would never be the same again.  Yet it feels like the most familiar path to take and I wonder at how other’s judge what really is a natural part of who we all are. We cherish our sisterhood, we’ve carried each other through each up and down of life and we connect on a level that is understood. To take it a step further and love that little bit more, is a natural path for so many. At the end of last year, Australia, like so many other countries decided finally, that this love has a place. And though I wasn’t overly hung up whichever way the vote went, I was grateful that the process brought a little more awareness and a little more understanding of what makes this love tick. Like the stretch of stars scattered across the inky night sky, it shines like love does, within us all. 

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